Webinar Series ~Outdoor Learning

We invite you to join us as we share our outdoor learning experiences from Seneca Forest and Nature School program. These webinars have ignited diverse conversations from expressions of curiosity and joy to the sharing of anxiety over loss of control. We look forward to many more conversations as we unpack our experiences with others.   Looking for more information, send me an email – fran.defilippis@senecacollege.ca

Finding New Ways


“These last few months have been trying for everyone.  I have created new habits for myself to help get me through. I love to walk in our local forest. I have found new parts of it. I often use the logs and benches for made up work outs.  Our dog is loving it.”

-Lee, Local Resident Continue reading “Finding New Ways”

Growing Food from Your Kitchen Scraps

I have a small fig tree in my kitchen (that I sometimes forget to water). It was a gift and I always enjoy its fruit. After making lunch one day, my son Mitchell threw the seeds from our sliced tomato into the soil where our fig plant is. – A few days later, he threw in bell pepper seeds. After a couple of weeks of watering we now have vegetable plants growing. Once they grow a little taller and a little sturdier we will transplant them into their own pots. This sparked my interest to see what else we can grow in our kitchen from food scraps. The list is actually quite long. Here are a few ideas in case you are interested in giving it a whirl. Continue reading “Growing Food from Your Kitchen Scraps”

Staying Connected to the Magic of KOLTS while at Home

Our family has been missing KOLTS so much. Even though we have been at home for a month and a half now Sofia talks about KOLTS daily. She misses her friends and the educators. We have been keeping busy around the house but one thing that we all miss is Forest & Nature School. At the beginning of the pandemic Mike and I would take Sofia & Claudio to the Forest at KOLTS to play and explore. They love being there. It’s a familiar place to them but they also notice new things every time they are there.  It helped calm the nerves during this uneasy time. Since then, a lot of the trails have been closed and we are feeling the effects of not being able to go to the Forest. We have been finding other ways to connect with nature though. Continue reading “Staying Connected to the Magic of KOLTS while at Home”

It is Not Bark, But a Tree

Areeba Bark 1

A story of connecting pieces of nature as one

L. walked outside on the land, he heard the call from a tree, he paused and allowed nature to take him to the tree. He walked up and gently touched the bark and with love said, “tree” Nicole reached out to touch it too. He got closer, noticing small patches of green moss, small pieces of blue attached to the tree, pointing to each and looking at Nicole in turn to ensure she noticed them too. He then turned to look out over the playground and began to walk to a stump laying a short distance away, he touched it gently “tree? tree?” he seemed to ask. He began to point back and forth between the stump and the tall tree, seemingly connecting the two. “Yes, this is part of a tree too.” Continue reading “It is Not Bark, But a Tree”



I came across this picture a few weeks ago and have been sitting it with. “She wants to drink it up, so I’m going to wait until she is done” these few words had me thinking about the world we are living in right now. I have been in a hurry to do things, get to the store, finish that documentation, respond to that email, and saying to myself “ when is this going to be over!!!” that I have lost sight in the serenity of waiting. Continue reading “LIGHTS OUT”

Alongside the Sun

A Story of Mistake and Forgiveness

Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 10.41.33 AM

As the children walked into the room from the dining hall they were greeted with hugs from the warm sun and the smell of cinnamon mixing in the air… M. walked in and said, “Areeba, the sun is calling me, I need to go out.” I said, “Yes, we do need to listen to the sun’s call…” So, to meet the sun we all got dressed in warm winter clothes and headed out… As we walked the land and we heard the chirp of the birds, the shine from the sun, the cold from the breeze and enjoyed the trees dancing…. As we moved in the space, M. and L. discovered potato bugs…

Continue reading “Alongside the Sun”

Pause, Notice and Respond…

As a Forest and Nature School Practitioner, this latest submission excites me because of the possibilities it may inspire not only in education but also at home. We have been in conversation with our sister lab school at Newnham campus to explore how they connect with children and nature in an urban setting. This is one of their stories…

Areeba 2

The bright beauty of the morning sunlight greeted the children through the large windowpanes this cold morning. The children respond to the call “outside, outside” they request. I ask the children if they would like to go outside.  Yes!!! They responded and eagerly prepare themselves, by dressing-up for the cold brisk day.

Continue reading “Pause, Notice and Respond…”

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