Garden to Table


The JK/SK children have been attending to, nurturing and documenting the growing of these tiny seeds for about four weeks. Today we transplanted our plants to the outdoor garden bed. Together the children and educators determined the location of the plants as well as the space required between them. Continue reading “Garden to Table”

The Mystery of the Hole in the Ground Continued

Tool Use to Further Support the Children’s Inquiry

Upon returning to our Forest and Nature School (FNS) site I offered to the children the option of using flashlights and magnifying glasses to further their exploration of the hole in the ground that they were all so curious about during our last visit to the forest. Today two children who just moved into the toddler room joined us and they were just as eager as their peers to start exploring the forest. Continue reading “The Mystery of the Hole in the Ground Continued”

The Mystery of the Hole in the Ground

What Happened?

Today in the forest the children were all very busy exploring everything in our Forest and Nature School (FNS) site. It had been a while since the children were last out here in this spot. J, while busy exploring many different areas and elevations of the forest, was the first to discover this mysterious hole in the ground. He leaned over at first to look inside it and then looked up at me to see what I thought. I broadcasted how he found a hole in the ground and how I wondered where it came from. Continue reading “The Mystery of the Hole in the Ground”

Wiggly Creatures

As the transformation of the forest occurs with the warmer weather, the children are rediscovering the creatures of the forest. The focus has primarily been worms. As we looked for these squiggly creatures, the children gently collected them and placed them in a buckets covering the worms with dirt to “keep them warm”.  They traveled to different areas of the forest turning over logs in anticipation of finding worms. Continue reading “Wiggly Creatures”

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